Corsica Island by Team Rider Lindsay Steinriede

September 20, 2016


After an amazing month chasing swells around 3 Islands in Indonesia, I boarded a plane headed toward the south of France. As the plane was touching down in Biarritz, I overheard a young lady in front of me telling her neighbor that she would be flying on to Corsica Island to meet up with some friends.  I had never heard of Corsica Island, but it triggered my interest. Fast forward three and half weeks, there I was, floating in the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea next to this stunning French island.

I flew into Bastia, at the eastern base of the northern peninsula, and would fly out of Ajaccio on the mid western side of the island roughly 5 days later. Known for it’s old port-towns, beautiful bays and beaches, picturesque cliff-side villages, and alluring uninhabited lands, my mini journey up and around Cap Corse if one voyage I will never forget. With adventure available around every one of its winding two-lane road corners, Corsica Island is an explorer’s dream. And exploring this dream I would!

I was on my own, running wild and free, fulfilling my heart’s desires. I got contently lost hiking high up in the Calanques de Piana, and witnessed one of the most magical sunsets I’d ever seen.  I swam to, and scaled the walls, of the Island’s most famous Citadels in Calvi, just because at the time it seemed like a logical method of escaping the heat and seeing what was on the other side of this larger- than-anticipated fortress. I wandered up into the mountains to Sant’ Antonino, a historical 9th century hilltop village, to enjoy breakfast with a 360-degree view of the lands I had been roaming. I spontaneously followed trails and hiked along mountains just to discover what lay around the next bend. And If I couldn’t find the correct dirt road into one of the many captivating bays I came across, I would park in sight and swim the distance just to bask along the ever-changing shorelines.  

I could continue on and on about all the random, spontaneous, activities and soul-satisfying experiences I indulged in on Corsica Island, but at this point you’d probably rather see some of these spectacular moments captured in time. Pictures could never do this place justice, but here’s a glimpse at an unforgettable island escape through the lens of my iPhone 6.