Rabbit Kekai Is The Soul & Inspiration Of Toes - Toes on the Nose

A legend never dies..... Rabbit Kekai is the soul and inspiration behind Toes on the Nose

Toes on the Nose has lost its brand patriarch the Legend Rabbit Kekai. His Aloha, Spirit, and Soul will be missed but as he has guided Toes over the last 25 years his footprint will last forever.

We met Rabbit Kekai in the early ’90s and as all of us know, just being around him was powerful. He ran the show—from keeping the groms on point to holding court with all the old dudes. Rabbit was a legend amongst legends.  His charismatic and youthful personality, constant energy, Aloha, and competitive spirit is what made the man. Rabbit just kept ticking, we called him the 'Eveready Bunny'.

His influence to the surf culture and respect for all is what we used as our guide for the Toes on the Nose family. Rabbit was our mentor and leader. Officially he was our 72-year-old team rider that had more energy than any of us. Heck, during our travel days with Rabbit — our young team members (Belinda Baggs, Dane Perlee, Jimmy Gamboa, Alex Knost, Josh Baxter, Matt Armstrong, Cody Simpkins, Beau Young, Kirsten Raymond, Shelly Hayden, Kia Sallas, Kapono Nahima, Joy Monahan, Kaweki Whitford, to name a few) all couldn’t keep the pace that Rabbit had.  He was always on a mission to surf the best wave, eat good food, and tell jokes. After surfing if you couldn’t find Uncle just look for shade and the crowd was there… he was talking and teaching the Aloha Spirit.

Our spirt is low at the moment but we're proud to have witnessed a life well-lived. Rabbit didn't miss a wave or a chance to show us all the way.

Since Rabbit’s passing the stories being shared are incredible and reaffirm what all of us living now know, as the Legend did… His Aloha legacy must be spread to the generations that weren’t so lucky to feel it first hand. The Legend’s Aloha lives forever, keep it alive.

Richard Allred
Rabbit's Artwork
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