May 04, 2017

Some people have been asking why our prices have gone up? Well here's the answer...

Not only are we taking extra time customizing our designs for extreme comfort, style and function-ability but we are not compromising on our textiles and fabrications. Over the last 25 years of designing clothing, we have traveled the globe in search for the worlds most premium and versatile materials. We are also creating our own proprietary fabrics to give our customer's unique and one of kind clothing. From the color to the tiny details, each piece of our collection is designed with love and passion.

Our new 2017 Sea Port Collection was created with longevity in mind, you will spend a little more but save in the long run! We stand behind our new Sea Port collection and have an amazing return and exchange policy. 

We consider all our customers as family and we will continue to craft only the best for all of you!


Team Toes