Surf Shop History - Toes on the Nose
The Evolution of a Brand

The Evolution of a Brand


1961 - John Severson, the renowned surf artist and founder/publisher of Surfer magazine was inspired by the art of nose riding and coined the phrase—and designed the logo “Toes on the Nose” for his Surfer Quarterly magazine. The logo was used for an editorial column entitled “Toes on the Nose” depicting the classic maneuver of the surfer’s toes hanging off the edge of the surfboard.


1991 - Toes on the Nose Brand was founded in 1991 by Tom Noble and Doug Bunting. Several original designs were created by John Severson and Shawn Stussy.

1992 - In 1992 Richard Allred partnered with Doug and Tom to trade out right for the "Toes on the Nose" name from Surfer Magazine by purchasing an annual advertising contract.

1993 - Richard purchased the balance of the Toes name from Tom and Doug & the first men’s line officially entered the marketplace. 

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2000 - Beau Young is signed on as a team rider becoming the World Longboard Champion in the same year. Toes on the Nose demonstrates its commitment to women surfers as they sponsor Women’s Longboard Series in Florida, Hawaii, California and Costa Rica.

2001 - Relocates flagship Toes on the Nose store to Main Beach in downtown Laguna Beach, CA. Australian Longboard Champion Belinda Baggs is signed to the team.

2002 - Toes settles its roots purchasing 21,000 square foot warehouse in Newport Beach, California with an amazing ocean view.

2003 Partners with the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa to open the first Toes on the Nose Adventure Hyatt Activities and Retail center. Signs a long term license deal with Grace Co. to produce and distribute Toes on the Nose in Japan. Corporate Sales group is started.

2005-2009 - After a 10 year run of hosting the Rabbit Kekai Longboard contest in Costa Rica, the event moves home to Hawaii as a part of the Duke’s Ocean Fest. Outrigger Canoe Club appoints Toes as exclusive supplier for its paddling jerseys. Mauna Kea Resort and Toes on the Nose partner to design cobranded product line and Beach life styles store. 


2013 -  New partnerships are formed with Kona Brewing to offer their customers co-branded products throughout the Hawaiian islands. Ritz Carlton orders Toes on the Nose for 11 of its premier locations in Florida and the Caribbean.

2014 - Toes on the Nose expands its retail operations in the Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa in Huntington Beach, CA.

2016 - Design icon Joey Rodolfo heads the design team bringing quality to next level with the debut of the Sea Silk collection and introduction to top of the line factories.

2018 -Brand marketing takes center stage. A full fledged plan of action on brand includes influencers, ambassadors, digital marketing and PR put into works.

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Present Day - Today, we draw passion from beyond just the ocean, expanding interests into golf, yoga, travel and an overall healthy outlook on life.