Toes On The Nose Surf Team - Corey Colapinto - Toes on the Nose




Corey is one of the most authentic & creative people you will ever come across. His young career has been spent fine tuning his skills in the water, on the guitar & in the shaping bay. We're stoked to have him aboard the Toes Family and can't wait for the future. Get to know him a little better below:

Favorite Surf Spot

San Onofre because of the great waves and volleyball beach days. I love staying active in the water and on the sand so wherever I can get a little bit of action in both those areas is my favorite!


Ultimate Travel Destination

I would love to explore waves in New Zealand. It seems like they get a lot of long lefts with some rad farmland. Its also where the Lord of the Rings was shot so I think I am a little bit biased.

Favorite Food

Thai Curry. I love having some coconut jasmine rice with a soupy curry bowl and finding the right combo for every bite. Not too spicy though haha.

Favorite Toes Gear

The lined athletic shorts are my personal favorite. They’re comfortable and easy to move around in which is key for volleyball, working out, and just relaxing.
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